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twp_logo.jpgYou may no us as Two Wheel Promotions has been involved in mountain biking and trail design and building for 20 years. Our valuable experience gained over this time has been both as a rider and Events Promoter.  We are changing our Trail Building division name to TWP Trails but some current contracts our still under our Two Wheel Promotions name.

We are well known and highly respected for designing and building great trails and courses for the Events that we have hosted. Two Wheel Promotions has gained an insight over the years as to what the sport and recreational enthusiast wants to enjoy in the outdoor trails whether mountain bike specific or multi-use trails for walking, riding and horse riding.

Trails are designed and built with great care and consideration to the safetyp1010618.jpg of all users giving them both the safety and also the excitement and enjoyment of the outdoors. Trails constructed to provide a range of choices and diversity to cater for people with different skill leveals/and or seeking different types of recreational experiences. Trails can be graded from green for novice through to black diamond for the experienced participant.

Access roads can be constructed to facilitate easy access for both participants, maintenance and emergency services.

We aim through consultation with your organization is to bring the project in time and on budget.


It is important to build environmentally friendly low maintenance and sustainbable trails minimising erosion. You don't want to put all the effort and infrastructure into building trails only to have them disintergrate over time. We at TWP Trails/Two Wheel Promotions take great care in designing and building trails that take into account the environmental, and maintenance factors.

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Trails are constructed with the use of both machinery and hand labour to groom and finish off the trails.TWP Trails/Two Wheel Promotions have the equipment needed to do the job with our Excavators, Bobcat, Roller, hydraulic trailer and compactor. We finish off & groom the trails with hand tools and manual labour.

Power Carrier use for carrying material & water tanks
Removal & placement of rocks with excavator

The trails need to withstand repeated & frequent use. In the case of the trails being used for a Sporting Event a course may see up to10,000 plus laps being completed over a 24 hour period in endurance events such as 24hr, 12hr & 6hr Hour Events. These events would see 300 plus competitors taking part.


Video footage of trails completed for Stage 1 at Hinze Dam contracted by Gold Coast Mountain Bike Club

Please note this is a facebook link to riders facebook page.  This video was taken by riders using the trails.

Don't be fooled by the beginning showing road riders it soon moves into mountain bike riding of the trails.

Click on our You Tube link below to view video footage of riders enjoying trails at the Weekend Warrior Festival - Benobble Canungra




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dsc_0572.jpg IMG_2354 dsc_0083.jpg


Multi-Use Trails & Pathways
Walking & Bushwaking
Horse Riding
Maintenance & refurbishment
Mountain Bike Cross Country
Endurance Cross Country
Downhill Dual Slalom & 4X